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No.3 - Too many distractions, too little time. Some people might equate their mortality for their lack of morality. They might think that they have a limited time on earth and need to make the most of it, even at the cost of hurting their partner.

We were all really excited and confident about our Mount Kinabalu climb that all of us decided to carry own bags and not hire the porters. So I proudly set off with the rest of the group lugging around my 9 kilogramme bag. The walking sticks that the guide provided us with were really helpful as we navigated the Mesilau trail on our journey to climb Mount Kinabalu. Our first stopover destination would be Laban Rata.

. The body might let you down, despite the fact that you think that you are in very good physical condition. Points like this just happen. It is a prolonged and tiring method to the top.

First of all, you cannot come to Borneo and fail seeing the famous Mt Kinabalu, the peak that attracts thousands of tourists every year. The 4,100 m high granite massif overlooks the entire landscape and the park surrounding it; The Kinabalu National Park is a genuine paradise, protected by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. The Park and the Mountain are Malaysia's most popular attractions.

Mount Kinabalu Package 5) During your physical training and climbing, select an expedition company. It is very important that you use an expedition company which has many years of experience and has a successful track record of putting people on the summit with a safe return descent. There are number of companies out there. Their prices range anywhere from $25,000 to $60,000. They are not cheap.

This is an important exercise. You can read the clues from this era in your life. For instance, if you loved to play dress up and steal your mom's lipstick and wear it, chances are that you are a real fashionista. You might discover that you love fashion so much, you make a career change and get into the fashion industry. If as a kid you loved taking the back of the tv apart, then what are you building today?

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